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This web site was originally launched in June 1999 under a different domain name. Although its content is rarely updated, many people continue to find the infomation valuable.

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Filipino History


The Ancient Script of the Philippines  English   Filipino
A history and detailed description of the Filipino script known as the Baybayin.

How to Write the Ancient Script of the Philippines
English   Filipino
A thorough tutorial on how to write the Baybayin script in the original Filipino and modified Spanish methods.

How do I write my name in baybayin?
This is the most frequently asked question here at Sarisari etc. This page offers strategies for writing difficult non-Filipino words and names in the baybayin script.

Baybayin Styles & Their Sources
A Chart showing many different forms of the baybayin with details of their origins.

Baybayin Transcriptions
Examples of 16th and 17th century baybayin documents from the three major language groups of the Philippines are transcribed into the modern alphabet. *New* Two comlplete legal documents written in baybayin in the early 1600s.
Document A, Document B.

Baybayin as Written by the Ancient Filipinos
A chart by William H. Scott which shows that there was much more variation in handwriting between individuals than there was between regions or language groups.

Cuadro Paleografico
A chart of ancient Filipino scripts by Pedro Paterno. It has been misinterpreted in several books as a chart of distinct alphabets instead of just variations in handwriting.

Baybayin Fonts
These are my own baybayin fonts which you can use in any Windows or Macintosh programme that uses TrueType fonts. The Windows fonts are Unicode compliant and PostScript versions for Windows are also available.

Baybayin Links
A resource for finding out even more about the baybayin.


Laguna Copperplate

The Beginning of Filipino History    English    Filipino
The story of the Laguna Copperplate Inscription, the earliest known and authenticated Filipino document. Includes an actual photograph of the copper inscription, a transliteration into the modern alphabet and modern Filipino and English translations of the document.

LCI Transcription
See how Filipinos spoke in the year 900. The Laguna Copperplate Inscription is transcribed into modern writing.


Maragtas, the Legend    English    Filipino
The story of how a book of legends was taught as historical fact to generations of Filipinos.

Foreword to the Readers of Maragtas
This is the author's preface to Maragtas which was often left out of translations of the book in order to pass it off as an ancient document.


Kalantiaw, the Hoax    English    Filipino
An examination of the fake documents behind the myth of the ancient lawmaker who is still regarded as a real person by the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

The Fraudulent Legal Code of Kalantiáw
The 18 laws of Kalantiaw with point by point annotation – or, to be more precise, a lot of snide remarks.

The Fraudulent Povedano Calendar
Another hoax by the man who gave us the Code of Kalantiaw; José E. Marco.

The Fraudulent Povedano Map
Yet another hoax by José E. Marco.


A Brief Guide to Filipino Pronunciation
This guide is for anyone learning to speak Filipino and for Filipinos too. It contains an explanation of the accent marks used in dictionaries and the terms for the many kinds of stresses.

Canadian Spelling: Bakit ba Ganiyan?
A brief history of Canadian English spelling in Filipino.


Various articles about the Filipino language.

Sa Madaling Sabi
English idiomatic expressions may "seem like Greek" to some non-anglophones; their meanings and origins are explained here in Filipino.

Ang Pinagmulan ng mga Wika ng Filipinas
"Where did all the languages of the Philippines come from and who brought them?," asked one visitor to Sarisari etc. Find out in this Filipino article.

Ang Sabi ni Shakespeare
Filipino article about Shakespeare's vast contribution to everyday English speech.

Mga Salitang Siyokoy
A Filipino page about the linguistic blunders that occur when words are borrowed haphazardly from Spanish and English. It contains a list of "siyokoy" words that I always try to avoid.

Pop Culture

Diary of a Shameless Name Dropper
My photo album of Filipino Celebrities and me.

Tuklas Talino Finalists
Complete list of Tuklas Talino finalists.



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