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Hey Paul,

I am a Filipino living in New Jersey. As a teenager, I have to assimilate Western culture in a rapid pace in able to keep up with my American friends, and what gets left in the sidelines, more often than not, is my Pinoy heritage. I try to stay in touch by speaking Tagalog and my native tongue, Waray-waray, whenever I get the chance, or read Filipino news on the Internet, but these only happen rarely and only when I muster enough interest to do so. Thanks to people like you, I get the chance to learn some Filipino history, while having fun playing with a new font. Again, Thank you and I wish more Filipinos had the same inspiringly enthusiastic interest in their own history as you do.

-J. Aguilos

Hi, WOW, such much here to look at. I will finish lookin' around in a minute but I first wanted to let you know I was here and that I am enjoying myself. Thank you for offering such a wonderful site for us surfers.

-Vie Daughton

Your website is very organized, and very informative. I shall refer it to my friends. Mabuhay and more power to you!!!

-Ted, Philippines

Congratulations!  I love your website.  I am a Filipino living in the Philippines and I read your articles on the Pilipino word origins.  I want to know more about adopted Tagalog words. I hope you will continue with this site forever. Again, congratulations and more power to you!

-Gilda C. Salita

Maganda, magaan sa mata, may class at malaman. Are you a Filipino-American, Paul? Keep up the good work.

- Si Ka Edong,  Eddie del Rosario, M.D., M.P.H., Guam. USA

Kumusta po!
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I enjoyed viewing your very informative website. More power to you.
Salamat po!

-Romy Ferrer, Jersey City, USA 

Thanks very much. I found your site the best organized and most aesthetically pleasing of the baybayin sites. By the way, you have a link to a TV story on baybayin/alibata tattoos on your web site. One of the people in the story is a "researcher" on alibata tattoos. That's me.

-Randolf Arguelles
UCLA Dept. of History 

Maganda, natulungan akong makagawa ng project. Thank you!


Hi! I found your site in the Ring of Philippine Websites. You made a great job. Keep up the good work. Also check us out our address at:


This is one of the best and one of the few beautiful websites I've visited. Not simply talking about appearance but also content.  Got more information for my children research homeworks easily here than any websites around. Thanks and Keep it up!


Mr. Morrow,
        I just wanted to extend my thanks for all your efforts and research regarding the "Baybayin."  I am a thirty-two year old Filipino desperately searching for my true heritage in an attempt to understand myself.  It is refreshing to come across positive information regarding Filipino history. The obscure mentions of the Philippines or Filipinos in the mass media are usually made in the context of ridicule or criticism. 
        Your websites are a link to a prouder time for Filipino people.  It is fantastic to know that my ancestors were literate,despite assertions made in history texts, written (too often) from a colonial perspective.
        Again, thank you for your contributions.

-Rodriguez, Rudolf

Hi Paul,
I enjoy visiting your website about the Tagalog Baybayin.  I hardly remember Baybayin as I only study it briefly when I was still studying my high school in the Philippines.  In this modern time, I hardly see or know anyone interested in Philippine culture or history.  I met people who are more interested about Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam or Cambodia. But not the Philippines.

The text in your website was very well written in Tagalog.  Did you write it yourself? Anyway, I hope you keep the website. Salamat,

-Jay Gonzales, Australia

Very website!

- Honey Marquez

Amazing! Am new here in Winnipeg but I feel no stranger here. And yes, this is amazing, I've learned so much Pinoy info from your cool yet simple web! I hope you update this page so often and Mabuhay ka!

-Edwin, Winnipeg, Canada

This is cool.  I like how this website was put together.  Thank You for representing for the Filipino People.

-Ferchie Aguilar

Salamat for a nice site.  You're welcome to my abode, too:


this is so cool.  i am even gonna have a tattoo on my arm with my name translated from the ancient scripts.  Are there any variations on the alphabet, i.e., ilocano version, visayan version, tagalog version...

-Erick Cruz 


-Fred Natividad

Mr. Paul Morrow,
I would like to let you know that I am very impressed by your website. You really did a good job, imagine researching about Filipino alphabets and writing, that most of us Filipinos are not aware of. Thank you very much for the contribution, I know that all Filipinos back home or abroad will really appreciate your website. Yours truly,

-Bong Domingo, Dallas, Texas

naku ha, kakaiba at kapaki-pakinabang laluna para sa ating kabataan abroad. you might want to popularize your webpage to our next generation pinoys/pinays born outside our country.

-Chuchi and Cha Cala of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Great site, full of interesting info. Wish I had your language ability Paul, after four years I'm still mixing tagalog and pampangan words. Keep up the good work.

-Tom Mewes, Saudi Arabia

Hello Paul,
Many congratulations for making the Tagalog script available to folks.

-Terrio Echavez

Nice website.  I love it.  I miss Philippines so much and your website helps me overcome my feelings by making me feel like I'm actually over there. Thanks.

-Gazelle Riley 

Hi Paul :)
Kahanga-hanga talaga! Your information is very concise...a very good reference for students.  I most especially enjoy the history and the photo album pages. Thank you for this wonderful website.  More power!

-Michele Majul, Winnipeg, Canada 

Ginoong Morrow,
Humahanga naman ako sa'yo at meron kang website tungkol sa kulturang Pilipino. Nakakahiya naman para sa amin dahil, kung tutuusin,  naturingan kaming Pinoy pero wala kaming website na katulad ng sa iyo.) Sana, ipagpatuloy ninyo ang pagtuklas at pag-aaral. Maraming salamat at mabuhay ang mga Pilipino sa diwa! 

-Karenina "Kalon" L. Tariman, quezon city, philippines

I really like your website! It has lots more interesting and substantial info than the websites I've seen. Keep up the good work. I'll be sure to look in on it regularly!


I was just surfing the net when I came across your page from Your site is very interesting.  I have been here in Toronto for a long time and I am not very fluent in Tagalog.  I was raised in Pangasinan, Philippines but I was born here in Canada...

I did not speak tagalog a lot while I am here in Canada so I guess you can say that you are much, much better than me when it comes to speaking tagalog.  I was also surprise to see that you are Caucasian... you should be very proud that you know how to speak better tagalog than other filipinos.  I can speak ilokano, tagalog and a little cantonese....

- Judy Membrere, Toronto, Canada

Natuklasan ko lamang ngayon ang iyong napakagandang website tungkol sa Baybayin. Ako'y  natuwa na iyong isinulat ito sa wikang Tagalog. Mas lalo pa akong nagalak nang aking malaman na ika'y hindi likhang Pilipino ngunit mukhang Pilipino ang puso.

Ako rin ay may bagong website tungkol sa Baybayin. Sa website ko, maaari mong isulat ang anumang salita o pangalang Tagalog, at ipapakikita sa iyo kung paano isulat sa Baybayin. Iniimbitahan kitang bisitahin ito at bigyan ako ng anumang payo upang lalo ko pang mapaganda ito. Ito ay iyong makikita sa

Gagawa ako ng "link" patungo sa iyong website, maari sanang i-link mo rin ang website ko sa iyong website. Salamat.

- Victor Quimson, San Francisco, CA, USA 

[I] find it AMAZING! Are you really fluent in Tagalog? (sorry if I asked) Keep it up and more power. MABUHAY!

- connie gallo, Winnipeg, Canada (?)

Maraming salamat sa iyong masusing pagsulat. Mas magaling ka pang mag-tagalog kaysa sa akin. Ang tagal ko nang naghahanap ng kasaysayan ng baybayin, nakatagpo na sa wakas. Pagpalain ka ng Bathala!

- Mari Ramos, Bulakenyang nasa Riverside CA

hi...  i am  fascinated  to your  home pages  ,,sari sari  etc.. you look  more  than  a filipino..  okey  ka..i am so glad that  a a different  race... admire 
our  culture ,traditional,  especially the the OPM !  your  great..  More  power to  your...  life.. and  health  ..God Bless... you...

- Ako lang  po, kaibigan Diego A. Dizon ng San Diego ,California

Hi Paul!
I just wanted to say that you did an excellent job on your website. I enjoyed looking at your photos. Well, take care. Bye.

- The Guingcangco family, Winnipeg, Canada

very well done Paul, extremely professional!

- Robert McLeod, Winnipeg, Canada

napakaganda, napakagaling ang iyong website. ipinadala ko agad sa lahat ng kilala kong magnanais na makakita ng ganyang site na hindi lang informative bagkus maayos at kaaya-aya. maraming salamat sa iyo.

- orli, philippine times, Winnipeg, Canada

Congratulations and more power. You got a really cool web site!! Hope to see you in the near future!!

- CEZAR Z. AGUAS, Manila, Philippines

Finally got to see your site. Great work. I hope you keep adding to it to bring us interesting things about the Philippines and Canada.

- Hector Santos, Los Angeles, USA

Kudos Paul.
It is really great to see more online written in Filipino languages instead of just Egnlihs. . . like this note :)  Also, you have added more to Hector Santos' work on Baybayin - the down loadable fonts is a great addition. A fine site.  I'll be back.

- Tim Harvey, Portland, OR. USA

Hi Paul,
Thank you so much for being more Filipino than some Filipinos I know. How's it going up there? I wish you the best always and I hope we get to work again in Winnipeg. Take care.

- Sonny Azurin, Manila, Philippines

Hi Paul, Glad to hear from u again....hope to go to Winnipeg one of these days..
...parang may pera ako nooo !!! hahaha...pautang nalang...hihihihi!!!
...the compressor's still ok...Niño's still hounding me for it...just kidding !! well gotta browse thru all of these stuff...see yah laterz....May God bless u,man...

- Bobby Taylo, Manila, Philippines

Web page very well done; terrific contents--you should get a substantial subsidy from the Philippine government/Education ministry for promoting Filipino language, culture and history! More power to your web page!

- FLORFINA MARCELINO, Winnipeg, Canada

Hey! Cool page - a lot of work put into it, but you get an interesting site as a result - one certainly worth coming back to. All the best!

- Radek, Winnipeg, Canada

Hi Paul!!! Just wanna say hello!

- lorrie ilustre, Manila, Philippines

Great Web design. Paul,  you did very well!

- Alicia Rae, Winnipeg, Canada


- rey-ar reyes, Winnipeg, Canada