Baybayin Links

  • A Philippine Leaf by Hector Santos. The first web site about the baybayin on the Internet. It also covers the Living scripts of Mindoro and Palawan, the Laguna Copperplate Inscription of 900 C.E. and many other areas of ancient Philippine history.  

  • Ating Baybayin - Our Filipino Script by Victor Quimson. A really clever site with Victor's own Baybayin Online Translator. You just type in a word and the programme will transcribe and display the word in either the original baybayin or the modified Spanish baybayin. Incidentally, my Tagalog Stylized font is used throughout Victor's site.

  • A great website by Christian Cabuay with lots of information about the current state of baybayin usage in Filipino culture. He also offers his own online baybayin transcriber.
  • Pinoy Another web site by Christian Cabuay devoted to, you guessed it, Pinoy Tattoos!
  • Malaya Designs is Ray Haguisan's company. He makes beautiful and wearable baybayin art.

  • Suku Art. by Christine Balza makes baybayin art in stone, silver, glass and ceramics.
  • Filipino is tattoo artist Aleks Figueroa's web site. It has a large gallery of baybayin and other Filipino tattoo art as well as advice for people who want to get a tattoo.
  • Nordenx. Norman del Santos is a digital artist, font designer and game programmer. Explore all his projects and websites from his blog page.
  • Doctrina Christiana, 1593. The Project Gutenburg online edition of the first book ever printed in the Philippines. It contains the oldest known example of baybayin writing in existence.
  • Reflections of Asia sells some books about the baybayin. If you are really interested in the baybayin, the best deal is the facsimile of the entire Doctrina Christiana of 1593. This is the earliest surviving example of baybayin writing. You will learn a lot and the book is very reasonably priced.

  • by Mary Ann Ubaldo, sells beautiful custom made Baybayin jewellery on-line. Read about her in a Philippine Daily Inquirer article and check out her Flash presentation called Baybayin and the Atom

  • Alan Wood’s Unicode Resources. Unicode and Multilingual Support in HTML, Fonts, Web Browsers and Other Applications.

  • Omniglot is fascinating site by Simon Ager about scripts from all over the world.  

  • Travel Phrases by David Mc Creedy is a site devoted to four basic phrases that every traveller should know. David is collecting these phrases in every possible language and written script. Unicode fonts are also available at this site.  

  • Ancient Philippine Scripts by Dr. Carl Rubino, a linguist and author of Tagalog and Ilokano dictionaries. Here the baybayin is viewed from an Ilokano's point of view.  

  • Alfabetos de Ayer y de Hoy at PROEL is a Spanish web page with many examples of the baybayin.  

  • The Travelling Tattoo Artist is an article by Elz Cuya about Aleks Figueroa's baybayin tattoo creations.

  • Teaching ABCs the alibata way is an article by Tina G. Santos that was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer in which she interviewed Raymond M. Cosare of Far Eastern University. In the article Cosare provided many insights about baybayin writing – most of them were copied directly from my web article, Baybayin, The Ancient Script of the Philippines. See this alternate link if the first link is dead: Teaching alibata

  • Missing attributions a disservice to scholarship is my letter to the editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer concerning the plagiarism in the PDI article listed above.


Baybayin Pages at Sarisari etc.

by Paul Morrow

  • Baybayin, The Ancient Script of the Philippines is the main baybayin article. It covers the history and describes the script. In English and Filipino  

  • How to write the Ancient Script of the Philippines is also in English and Filipino.  

  • How do I write my name in baybayin? This page offers strategies for writing difficult non-Filipino words and names in the baybayin script.  

  • Baybayin Styles & Their Sources shows many different forms of the baybayin and tells where they originated.  

  • The Baybayin as Written by Filipinos is a chart by William Henry Scott that shows the wide variety of Tagalog handwriting styles in the 1600s.  

  • Cuadro Paleografico is a chart drawn up in 1892 (?) by Pedro Paterno. It has been misinterpreted in several books as a chart of distinct alphabets instead of just variations in handwriting.  

  • Baybayin Transcriptions Examples of 16th and 17th century baybayin documents from the three major language groups of the Philippines are transcribed into the modern alphabet.  

  • Down Load Baybayin Fonts Free! Four baybayin typefaces available in TrueType format for both IBM and Macintosh computers and in PostScript Type 1 format. They are all free. 


Last updated: 20 May, 2009