Baybayin Transcriptions

Each link below will take you to a page containing an image file of a baybayin document that also contains a transcription in our modern alphabet. Most of the pages also contain a separate text version and a larger image file of the baybayin document which are better for printing.


  • Abe Maria - A fragment of the "Hail Mary", 1620. 
  • Alticulos ti Pammati - Two pages: The Commandments & Articles of Faith, 1620.
  • Amami - Introduction & Lord's Prayer from the Ilokano "Dotrina Cristiana" of 1620.




  • The documents written using the original baybayin method (that is, without the + shaped kudlít), are transcribed with the missing letters (syllable final consonants) shown in blue type.
  • Character sequences where I have not been able to identify the words or where the meaning is uncertain, are shown in red type. Please feel free to share your ideas on these sequences. E-mail me at the link below.
  • There is an inexpensive reprint of the entire Tagalog Doctrina available to the public. It rather spoiled my fun because it, like the Rosetta Stone, gives three versions of its content: Spanish, Tagalog alphabet and Tagalog baybayin. Nevertheless, it is a fascinating thing to read and you won't believe the low price. You can order it from Reflections of Asia in the U.S.A.
  • Although most of the documents here are of a religious nature, my interest is purely academic.


Created by Paul Morrow
Latest update: 5 January, 2017