Document A

A Filipino legal contract written in the baybayin script. Dated February 15, 1613.

Transcribed and translated by Dr. Ignacio Villamor. See his notes below.




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Dr. Villamor's Notes

The original of this document is stored in the Archive of the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. This is from a photographic reproduction in "The Ancient Filipino Writing" (1922) by Dr. Ignacio Villamor. The numerals were added by Villamor to aid his transcription and translation. He also added the following footnotes. The numbers refer to the tiny numbers within parentheses, not the line numbers.

  1. (Line 1) The first character is sa. It is a slight transformation of the same character found in Document B and in the the Lopez Ilokano Doctrina.
  2. (Line 2) This character (a) is a transformation of the usual form of "a", which is used in some signatures.
  3. (Line 3) In this document a comma shaped kudlit is used sometimes used instead of a simple dot.
  4. (Line 4) This letter (nga) is the same as the letter nga used in the Lopez Doctrina.
  5. (Line 7) Salapi here is the monetary equivalent to four reales or one peso.
  6. (Line 13) This character is ya, the same letter used in the Lopez Doctrina.
  7. (Line 13) This character is a modification of the usual letter i. It is also seen in some signatures.
  8. (Line 19) The signature of D. Agustin Casa is a true monogram, where the D, A and G are connected.

Source: La Antigua Escritura Filipina, Dr. Ignacio Villamor, 1922. pp. 94, 95.

Paul Morrow

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